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Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Billy's Opinion (77 members)
Join the chaos.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Philosophy, Politics, Current Affairs, and Drunken Orgy's. Bizarre collection of eccentric individuals with one thing in common. Open-mindedness. No religious conversion, lifestyle condemnation, partisan politics, board wars, human sacrificing*, or meatloaf recipes. Open to all, but be fore-warned, this Community is HIGHLY addictive, and once you join you will NEVER leave. Leave your body and soul at the door! psst ... we now have your sanity. *Human sacrificing at the Panther's discretion.
Private; membership is by invitation only.

Iwonnia Nations (60 members)
A private community for the citizens of iWonnia Nation. Membership by invitation only...sorry.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Creative Sigs (170 members)
Would you like a sig of your own? Looking for a place with good discussions? A place where you can laugh, have a good time, meet new people, and have fun while doing it? We have it all.....sigs, games, discussions, scheduled chats, contests, and most of all we like to have a ton of fun. Only 18 and up please as this is a mature site....and NO Spam allowed!!
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
The cool, Interesting People site (1301 members)
This is a site that sprung from the 'Your Money' site on MSN. It is a fun and inviting place and tends to have a lot of banter and good humor between its members. Just remember to not take anything too seriously once you walk through our doors. Enjoy.......
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
MINGLES (295 members)
MINGLES is an oasis from the maddening crowd. If you are interested in serious discussions this is not the site for you. Our priority is laughter and enjoyment. So, if the only issues you have are for fun, relaxing, and enjoying , come join us. Members participation is a must, so if you are not able to Mingle on our boards or in our chatroom..please reconsider joining...Thank-You.

Charmed Sigs (120 members)
A friendship group, people. Find ready made friends and share your views. A requests and friendship group rolled into one!!! We make Signatues, Awards, Banners and name tags. Come on in and join our loving family.
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
The Crazy and fun crew (4159 members)
The home of the worlds funniest and craziest community. This community is for those people who like to laugh and have fun. It has various message boards including a jokes board, a poetry board, games board and many others. It also has two chatrooms and other pages. This community is garaunteed to make your sides hurt from laughter. Come right in and meet the most friendly and outrageous people on this planet.

BratsDiamondSigs (176 members)
A place where I make diamond signatures. Feel free to check it out
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Good Times at Jen N Holly's (68 members)
Good Times at Jen N Holly's is a place for Family and friends together and have fun.. There is an active message board with games and in depth discussions about various topics.. We now have Sigs and Dolls.. we are just now starting to make these so please bare with us....Come on In and Join the Good Times...

Sunnys Dolls and gifs (110 members)
I am about 3 months old now..But doing real well.. Have lots and lots of dolls and gifs...I put names on things for you too...I even have my own DollMaker here too.. Come check us out....Alot of nice People here too.... I give awards out too..Come and see if you qualify for one.. :) :)

Just Janey (262 members)
We are a group of friendly caring people here at Just Janey ! There are many message boards for you to post on.. many different topics. we have some talented members who share their own poetry and writing with us ! We encourage our members to get involved, have some fun with us, start discussions, participate !! We have an awards program here on the site ! If you would like to apply for an award,, please feel free to do just that ! We welcome all new members to our fun, caring site. If you are looking for a site where you can make some great friends, then come on in,, join us,,, I know you will love it here !
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Sue's Far Site (310 members)
Sues Far Site is about sharing a little bit of me and a little bit of you. Join in with your favorite pictures, your poetry, your thoughts, your art work and sharing a wide variety of Gifs and Jpegs. Family and Friends are welcome!

Secret Garden (17835 members)
The Garden is a world where you can go to forget about the "real" world. Pirate raids, poetry writing, and just good clean fun (pg-13) can be found here any day of the week. If you follow the rules and keep it clean, the garden will undoubtably thrive!

PIPS DOMAIN (33 members)
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Gracie and Sassybrat's Sanctuary (86 members)
A place to hide from reality, come join in our madness!!!
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
TPR (628 members)
The-Palace-Returns ,The meter says 450 members,but we have close to 700.Meet New people&make new friends.We have Graphics&ANIMATIONS Including EMOTICONS,SMILEYS,BUTTONS, ARROWs,BULLETS,DIVIDERS,BARS,LINES,LINKS TO BOTS FOR CHAT,MESSENGERS,CHARACTER MAPS &EMOTICONS TO MAKE COOL NAMES,INFO FOR MESSENGERS,WRESTLING PAGES.over 100 photo albums & over 200 pages,roleplaying,over 25 message boards to keep you from being bored,IF your into animations- this is the place to be-we are made of animations,lol,Plenty Of SOUTHERN CONFEDERATE STUFF.CUSTOM MADE- BANNERS,REQUEST BOARD,Just check Us out by JOINING THE FUN .FeedBack & Help Boards For Chat & Groups!

Cool_Pakistani_Guys (206 members)
A cool grup of paksitan which have every thing is cool

Morticia's-Mansion (94 members)
Quizzers from Lineone chat welcome you to our nuthouse. You dont HAVE to be a quizzer, but a love of trivia helps.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Heather's Hot Website (271 members)
Heather Boilanger's website. She has over 10,000 pics of everyone from hot celebs to complete losers. Join and post your own pic in "Your Photos." Click on the extension site from the welcome page for the more shrewd pages.

Pesan (57 members)
We are a vivid cercuit of great friends who love to be active, creative and take pictures whenever we can. Travelling, other cultures and marvellous sights, that's what we adore. We provide quality pictures, information and links - visit our community, it won't be a waste of time...
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
A very cool psychedelic community. WE HAVE PICS!!! Loads of pics, gifs, visuals & web links. Outrageous pages with special pages and links just for the ladies. A good place for people who collect pics for web page designing and creative e-mails. A great place to kick back & get your head right. Numerous group & chat threads. NFL Pool winner receives a free Underground T-Shirt. Enter at your own risk & DON'T ADJUST YOUR SCREEN!!!

Liz's Trivial Site And More (29 members)
This is a site for those who love games,trivia, true & false questions, daily questions where you can voice your opinion.My site is safe for all ages.It's very educational and fun. So join one join all,and put your thinking cap on.We've got room for you.Stop in and see for yourself.You'll be surprised.
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
EMPIRE OF FRIENDS (28 members)

Friends Of #TitansTavern (469 members)
Friends of #TitansTavern Internet Post. Participate in community driven activities like trivia, games, scavenger hunts, and more. Check out Dear Diary and What's Cooking, among other featured areas. At the Titans Chat Forum we offer you the most friendly and secure environment for your chatting habits. Visit #Titans, our flag chat room so you get a taste of real friendship. We have support for IRC, MIRC, and java. Enjoy and participate in trivia games, or simply hang out with the regulars for a good chat. Stop once and you'll keep coming back
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
You're welcome here! Active outrageous upbeat community for friendship, humor, support, etc. Members who aren't afraid to vent or voice their opinions...we want you! Come and share your hobbies, friendship, music, photos, vent, chat, messages, advice. Lots of fun for newbies and knowbies. I'll be looking for you over and under the rainbow. So bring your attitude with you. We keep it real up in here and we can all get along! To make a friend you need to be a friend.
Private; membership is by invitation only.

~The Enlightened Kingdom~ (188 members)
This is the Home of The !!! Enchanted Love Forest !!! A place where we can be be ourselves and enjoy getting to know each other a bit more sharing ....caring..... laughing ... Just have fun !!!! This is safe place and a place for warmth and love !!!! 21 and up Please We invite all to come visit our chat room open 24 hours a day seven days a week under general .:)
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
TPR2 (69 members)
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The Continue Of TPR•••->[-The Palace Returns-] We have plenty of tools that might help you out in yahoo,msn,or aol!We have a few animations,graphics,fun message boards,banner making,confederate stuff,wrestling,& we have character maps to make kool name & also much more!!!!!!! This is the place to meet new ppl & make some friends--- Just check us out by joining the FUN--Member-INFO- [-TPR2-RULES-] [-TPR2-Boards-] Pictures [-TPR2-Chat-] -Calendar- Documents [-TPR2-Links-] [-Wrestling-] -TOOLS- -Southern Ways- -CarZ- -Banner-Request- ChatName Request ASCII Letter Making ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
A friendly site for sharing gifs,PSP links, jokes, and games. NOT a porn site! Please only join if you are interested in meeting other people and plan to post at least once in awhile.
Private; membership is by invitation only.

Naturesprites Place (129 members)
Place for all to come and kick back as well as see who Sprite really is! Hee hee

The Ameri-Cana Bar and Grill (55 members)
Welcome to the award winning The Ameri-Cana Bar and Grill. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself while you are here.We have games to play, recipes and more. Everybody is welcome to the community where friends are friends.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Survivors II (647 members)
Fun, Love'n , friendly ppl.....always willing to listen when you need to talk.....we like to hug and smooch here so beware!!!!
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Twin Cities MN Chatters (661 members)
Fun people meeting each other. Building friendships for a life time.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
¤The Insane Asylum¤ (134 members)
MSN's Most Active Group! It's all about havin FUN! Politcal Correctness is NOT in our Vocabulary here! Once you visit, you'll be hooked! So If you wanna meet some hilarious new friends, Then Welcome home! We want to meet people like YOU who actually POST & PARTICIPATE! We have the Best Signature makers on the net, as well as the best looking pages of any MSN Group, Cause we're Talented & Modest like that. But most importantly, We have the best PEOPLE & CONTENT on the net! But Save the Drama for your Mama, We dont want it here. See ya on the boards! (18 & Over Only. Straight Jackets provided free of charge.) *Rude, Crude, & Full Of Attitude...We Rock like that* Troublemakers need not apply, The Group below us are for them type of people
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Granny's Closet (101 members)
This is a place to escape from your normal everyday stress and please don't bring any stress in with you, park it by the door, because we need a place to go for happy times and friendship
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Oral sex lovers (528 members)
Site for men and women into oral sex and other ways to please each other. meet new friends, Read and write adult stories. Must be 18.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
P.I.S.U. (61 members)
A place for the Politically Incorrect and the Socially Unacceptable. A good time Guaranteed....but don't ask for a refund. As this is a restricted community, we do ask that you include some info about yourself and why you want to join with your application. You must include a valid email address and blank applications will be denied.

Grannies Treasures (77 members)
Things I have collected over the years.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
¤ß®ä††ÿJøäññꤙ and the fun house (130 members)
A place to come and hang out with friends and get to know new friends. Please feel free to join and have fun with us old and new friends
Private; membership is by invitation only.

qinjianhao (262 members)
推薦級別 ★★★★★★★★★★ 如何才能成爲 MSN 流量最大、人氣指數最旺的站點之一呢?-- 請看來自中國的--大衛哥哥的【勤建號】【中國未來號】 !!!

yazoo`s (30 members)
how're ya feeling today? :-)

Floati Bubbles and Shiney Stars (77 members)
A Place for all of my friends to meet each other, talk, laff, and have fun!
Private; membership is by invitation only.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
«¤Jêwêl§¤ƒâñ†à§ý¤» (591 members)
Dedicated to Friends...Family...Fantasy...Fun

Dash's Hideaway (54 members)
Who wants gum?

picture description (86 members)
based on the pictures on my website ( post your description here. Make sure you indicate the number of the picture you are describing
Private; membership is by invitation only.

Leanne's Private Photo Collection (463 members)
Leanne's Private Photo Collection. Over 10,000 Animated Graphics, JPEGS and Photos of family and friends. A friendly place to learn how to do backgrounds, triple backgrounds, mouse-overs, personalized graphics and more. Awesome links to clip art and graphics and much more.
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
TheRefugees (131 members)
This community was for those that used to chat on chat planet, and wanted to stay in contact, after it crashed. But we also have alot of other people joining,having fun and making friends. So far we have 16 differant countries represented in our community,come and join to make this community a world wide one. This room has nothing to do with war related refugees.. When you join can you please say what country your from so i can put up your country's flag on our main page.. thanx......angel/manager
Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily adult.
Aimster Outcasts (92 members)
For all users of aimster/madster who want to stay in touch Mr_Blue_Sky welcomes you
Private; membership is by invitation only.

Spud Talk (164 members)
The DEVO Discussion List

Our Cozy Corner (1135 members)
Just a little Corner of the world that we all can have some fun,meet new friends or keep in touch with the Friends you already have.We are a fast growing community. We have Our genaral chat room for all ages. Wich is used every night but we Have the most fun in Wedsday Night Chit Chat. Our Cozy Corner would like to invite you to visit and if you like join us.We have a great message board that we enjoy sharing topics and playing games in. We are proud of Our photo albums also. Our Community is a year old now. we are here to stay we hope that you will be also. :O)
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